A Note For Caregivers

When a baby is born, we strive to do everything we can to help them develop and grow. Before they are able to clearly see colors, babies respond to the strong contrast between black and white, making this a great tool for developing vision.

'Baby's Black & White Contrast Book' is unique in that it can be used beyond the early months of visual development. The book is also designed to encourage speech and language development as well as physical development during tummy time.

The book can be read in a traditional way or set up in an accordion style with baby on the ground. To encourage the continued growth of your child's language, I have included a free printable below. I hope this book is treasured for many years to come.

- Tabitha Paige

* Check out my favorite resource here for more information on the importance of tummy time.


Accordion-style to promote physical development during floor time.

Language Support

Life-like images that encourage language and vocabulary development.

Vision Development

High-contrast images for developing your babies vision and brain.


Interactive & Educational Enhancement

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