A new series of original paintings inspired by the sophisticated beauty of timeless English artwork. Available on my website 4/4/22 at 2:00 pm CST.  

All of a sudden I found myself flying through Hyde Park, in the middle of London, on the back of large brown mare. Two mounted police officers were attempting to catch up to us in order to slow this runaway horse but alas, he was too fast and powerful. Just when I thought "this is it!", my horse reared up and somehow I gracefully spun off of the back of the horse and landed on two feet in total disbelief. This was just one of the exciting experiences I had while living in London in my early twenties.

Between near death experiences and riding lessons, I studied the classic painting styles and the artists who painted them. There is a quiet, sophistication that is observed when looking at the classic paintings of old. While studying abroad in London during my college years and traveling later in life, I spent many hours perusing art galleries and historical buildings. All of the artwork that I observed was painted by the old masters in dark and earthy hues. Time had touched the paintings giving each one an even darker, moodier tint highlighting that this was something timeless. Something special.

It was in these paintings that I found myself inspired to recreate the same feelings of nostalgia and timelessness. Merging my love for the outdoors, the English countryside, and classic artwork, I created a collection of Vintage English paintings reflective of the old paintings I had observed during my travels. 

This collection is so special and unique because it honors the mood and style of long ago while bringing something unique and modern to each painting. My hope is that these paintings bring a deeper feeling of nostalgia to a space as well as feelings of pause and quiet. 

Sophisticated -  Subject matter and scenes that exude elegance and sophistication. 

Timeless -  Paintings that withstand the test of time. 

Quiet -  Scenes highlighted by quiet, still moments in nature. 

The Vintage English collection Captures Quiet, Timeless Moments  

I hope this collection brings you feelings of nostalgia and peaceful reflection.   

Each painting from the Vintage English collection Represents Classic Beauty that stands the test of time 

Thank you so much for reading about my inspiration for the Vintage English Collection.

Much Love,
Tabitha Paige