A new series of original paintings inspired by natural terrain & finding beauty in the day-to-day. Available on my website 4/4/22 at 2:00 pm CST.  

Sitting dead still in traffic, I couldn't have imagined a more majestic place to be stranded for an hour. On the doorstep of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, time seemed to stand still during this fortuitous traffic jam. An impatient cowboy backs his horse from the trailer to survey the scene. Bareback, he rides to the top of the hill that stretched out in front of us with a cascade of majestic purple mountains surrounding him in the background. We watch the horse and rider glide up and down the large stretch of horizon as if this bit of land, that we were all beholden to for the hour, was his very own.

It was in this spot that we truly connected with this beautiful new landscape that we had encountered on our journey. Out west, deep into the mountains and valleys lives another world. A slower world. A peaceful world. A world that feels so familiar and nostalgic with every footstep. 

Here we found ourselves on this trek with our entire life in tow behind us, I never would have dreamed that we'd sell everything , making our way around the United States pulling everything in our RV. We travelled the entire western mountain region from New Mexico to Colorado, Wyoming to Montana,  and from Idaho to Utah. It was in these sweet moments and reflections that I drew the inspiration for this collection of watercolor paintings. 

Tranquil -  Still, quiet moments. 

Nostalgic -  You've been there before, you know the place.

Earthy -  Hues & tones that  capture the natural beauty. 

The retrospective Journey collection is Full of natural Hues immersed in beauty & earth.  

I hope this collection inspires you to journey and explore while slowing down to embrace the unexpected moments in this fast paced world.  

Each painting from the Retrospective Journey collection Expresses Beauty From the Peaceful Moments in Life  


Thank you so much for reading about my inspiration for the Retrospective Journey Collection. 

Journey On,
Tabitha Paige